Linux is a well known OS, that is commonly used for web servers, due to the fact it has a wide variety of advantages over other OSs. It is regarded as being the most secure OS nowadays and owing to the way it works, infected files will simply not work. Because Linux is totally free to use, no license fees shall be added to the price which you'll have to pay for your web hosting service. That, subsequently, makes it possible for the provider to personalize the OS depending on what they and their clients require, taking away unnecessary packages to optimize the OS and the server’s general performance. Linux servers frequently feature the Apache web server software, that processes Internet site access requests. Apache is additionally free and easy to customize, not to mention that it is very fast and light in terms of the resources it requires. LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) is the software environment that some of the most well-known script applications require – Moodle, Joomla, WordPress,, and so forth. The LAMP configuration is the most widely used one across the world, due to the fact that it's stable and simple to take care of.
Stable Linux with Apache in Cloud Hosting
If you buy a cloud hosting plan from our company, your new account will be created on our top-notch cloud platform where each of the servers run Linux. Nevertheless, the OS has been tailored to fulfill our needs, so as to get the most of our clustered platform. The files, email messages, stats, databases, and so on., are addressed by separate groups of servers and this contributes to the better performance of the platform, simply because one machine addresses only 1 type of process running on it, contrary to what all kinds of other companies do. All web requests are addressed by Apache, since we have seen first-hand that that'sprobably the lightest and quickest web server nowadays. Using a shared account on our cloud platform, you'll be able to enjoy a fast, dependable and protected service and to use almost any web programming language – HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Perl, etc.
Stable Linux with Apache in Semi-dedicated Servers
We have made a decision to use Linux on our web servers also, since no other Operating System can match its versatility and without it, we wouldn't have had the chance to create our custom website hosting platform in which all semi-dedicated server accounts are created. The platform includes huge groups of servers, each one dealing with a specific part of the website hosting service - databases, email messages, files, the CP, etc. The effect of merging this custom setup with Linux is an incredibly dependable, protected and speedy service with zero downtime. Furthermore, the web access is managed by Apache, simply because it's exceptionally customizable and supports a whole lot of modules and web programming languages which include PHP, Perl, Python, HTML, etc. Our semi-dedicated server packages will provide you with all the speed and stability that you want for your websites and we have made a great deal of software tweaks to make sure that we will fulfill our uptime guarantee.